The Opening Battle of a World War

The battle at Fort Necessity in the summer of 1754 was the opening action of the French and Indian War. This war was a clash of British, French and American Indian cultures. It ended with the removal of French power from North America. The stage was set for the American Revolution.

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Map of western Pennsylvania National Park sites

Explore the National Parks of Western Pennsylvania

Western PA is home to five National Park sites showcasing the history and beauty of the region. What discoveries will you make?

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Portrait of George Washington

Washington's Birthday Art Contest

The annual George Washington's Birthday Art Contest is open to 4th - 6th graders. Entries are judged on artistic merit and historical accuracy.

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Fort, British Flag, and Cannon

Roster of Virginia Regiment

Thirty-three men, mostly British, died at Fort Necessity. As no remains have ever been found, the battlefield is also treated as a cemetery.

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Scouts Building a wigwam

Scout Programs

A variety of programs are available for scouts. These programs were developed to integrate with scouting programs and badge requirements.

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Girl loading pretend musket on field trip

Field Trip: Three Cultures in Conflict

Park rangers guide students to the fort and have them participate in hands-on activities while they learn about the French and Indian War.

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Boy rolling dough

Field Trip: Travelers and Workers

Students study the National Road; pretending to be travelers at the Mount Washington Tavern, then pretending to be workers doing the tavern chores.

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Cover of the teacher's guide

Teacher's Guide: Traveling the National Road

This 3rd grade teacher's guide on the National Road has ten units, including biographies of people along the road and their occupations.

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