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USCT Medal of Honor Recipients

In the early morning hours of September 29, 1864, black troops, or United States Colored Troops (USCTs for short) charged the Rebel works at New Market Heights, VA. For their valor in this engagement, 14 USCTs received the Medal of Honor. This is the story of these men and the fateful morning of September 29, 1864.

Overview : An overview of the Battle of New Market Heights

USCT Background : The story of the United States Colored Troops

The Union Perspective : A detailed look at the Battle of New Market Heights

USCT Medal of Honor recipients from the Battle of New Market Heights.

Order of Battle : Units present at the Battle of New Market Heights

Casualty Lists

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Virtual Bibliography : Read the orders and dispatches that tell the story.


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Did You Know?

Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond

Tredegar Iron Works produced almost 1,100 cannon, roughly one-half of all guns made in the South during the war. (It was second only to the Parrott foundry in Cold Springs, New York in production for the entire United States.)