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    National and State Parks California

Operating Hours & Seasons


Winter brings abundant moisture to Redwood National and State Parks—sometimes even snow!

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Redwood National and State Parks is always open. Visitor centers and campgrounds maintain seasonal hours of operation.

While temperatures range from 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round along the redwood coastline, experiences in the parks change with the seasons. In summer, redwoods rely on the moist fog that envelops the coast in the summer. Further inland, conditions are mild with warmer temperatures. Winters are cool with considerable precipitation.

Call (707) 443-7062 for current weather conditions. Check-out current conditions in the parks and contact a visitor center for the latest information.

Did You Know?

Trail through Stout Grove.

While oceans contain most of Earth's carbon, about half stored on land in Redwood National and State Parks is in soils. The amount of carbon in the upper two meters of soil alone is ~14 million metric tons. That's equal to 1% of total U.S. emission in a year!