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  • Warning: Elk Calving Season, Elk Can Be Aggressive

    Female (cow) elk are defensive of their newly born calves. As people approach, a cow may charge and/or rear up and lash out with her front legs. For your safety, STAY 500 FEET AWAY from elk, at all times. More »

  • Davison Road Maintenance begins 7/7/2014. Expect delays.

    Beginning July 7, road crews will be grading sections of Davison Road between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm. Visitors to Gold Bluffs Beach and Fern Canyon should expect 30 minute delays.

  • Jedediah Smith Campground sites available by reservation, ONLY.

    Due to campground maintenance needs, first-come, first-served sites are currently unavailable at Jedediah Smith Campground. Until further notice, sites are a available by reservation, ONLY. More »

Photos & Multimedia

Tour Redwood National and State Parks by viewing our series of outdoor exhibits! North to south:

An Ancient Craft carves out ancient practices of the Tolowa. 73.4 KB pdf

Community Traditions covers the Tolowa Indian customs at Crescent Beach. 3.36 MB pdf

Community Traditions outdoor exhibit

Sturdy Survivors explains how plants survive along the windswept, salty coastline. 120 KB pdf

Home and Hostel chronicles the present-day site of the Redwood Hostel. 175 KB pdf

Pond's Past Life depicts the many human uses of Lagoon Creek. 2.09 MG pdf

Spirit of the Salmon records Yurok life within the Klamath River. 94.4 KB pdf

River on a Rampage illustrates the 1964 flood that destroyed the Klamath River bridge. 3.75 MG pdf

Disguised to Protect reminds visitors of the hidden WWII radar station here. 209 KB pdf

Fractured Coastline exemplifies the dramatic geology along the coast. 139 KB pdf

Golden Sands records the mining history of Gold Bluffs Beach. 3.32 MP pdf

Surviving the Salt happens everyday in the redwoods. 41.9 KB pdf

Elk on the Edge shows them hunkering down in an ecotone. 56.9 KB pdf

Look out for Wild Elk! 50.9 KB pdf

B-Mill Deck is now the site of Elk Meadow Day Use Area. Check out the transformation with the next exhibit! 1 MG pdf

Back to Nature with excavators. 124 KB pdf

A Tale of Two Forests shifts our mindset about the redwood curtain. 102 KB pdf

Every Indian canoe is a Living Canoe. 360 KB pdf

Rugged Dune Life - How do those plants survive? 145 KB pdf

What does a Family Fish Camp have to do with horses in the creek? Find out! 197 KB pdf

Engineering the Estuary prompts community values. Are salmon part of your community? 71.1 KB pdf

A Wall of Gold - where did it come from? 109 KB pdf

Fern Canyon, home to an ancient sea, hosted the second Jurassic Park! 148 KB pdf

Did You Know?

Lyons Ranch

All that remains of a sheep ranch owned by the Lyons family for more than 100 years is a barn, several shepherds' cabins, and orchards. You can visit Lyons Ranch Historic Site via the Lyons Ranch Trail which begins at mile 17.0 on Bald Hills Road.