• Pipe Spring National Monument

    Pipe Spring

    National Monument Arizona

1a - Welcome Information

Welcome to the Kaibab Indian Reservation
The Kaibab Indian Reservation is located on the northern border of Arizona and has a land base of 188 square miles (just over 120,000 acres, 18x12 miles). There are 5 small villages scattered across the reservation, separated
by as much as 14 miles. Public travel on the reservation is limited to the existing county roads (Moccasin and Mt. Trumbull/Toroweap roads). Travel elsewhere on the reservation requires a permit and/or guide service.

Visitors may enjoy:

• Viewing exhibits at the NPS/Tribal museum - Allow 1 hour.

• Hiking on the Heart (or Mu'uputs) Canyon trail.
Guided hike available by arrangement - fees apply.

• Camping at the RV Campground
Located 1 mile north of the monument. - fees apply (NOTE: Kaibab campground CLOSED for renovations as of November 2013)

• Gas, travel and camping supplies are available at the convenience store and
gas station, located ¼ mile south of the cultural center.

• Seasonal permitted hunting and fishing are also available.

The Kaibab People ask that you respect tribal resources, the privacy of our
tribal members, and enjoy our land.

Did You Know?

Tissandier drawing of Winsor Castle

Did You Know that Albert Tissandier, a Frenchman, sketched the first recorded image of Winsor Castle at Pipe Spring in 1885?