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    Pipe Spring

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Master Bedroom

Although it is sometimes referred to as the "master bedroom," this room in Winsor Castle most likely held not only the parents' bed, but the cradles and rocker beds of infants and younger children. There are several reversible cradles at Pipe Spring.
In one position, the reversible cradle has side-rails and a rocker bottom. As the child grew older, and no longer needed the side rails, the bed was flipped over. The rockers then became the decorative head and footboards of the child's bed.
Master Bedroom

Note the gunports in the photo above. These not only let in natural light, but also the dust, bugs, and cold. The inhabitants may have stuffed rags into the openings to cut down on the cleaning.

Did You Know?

James Whitmore, and the Pipe Spring Longhorns of today, Whit and Tess

James Whitmore brought 400 longhorns with him from Texas to Utah in the 1850s. On April 13, 1863, Whitmore received a land certificate for a 160-acre tract, which included Pipe Spring.