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Rabbit Blanket

Rabbit Blanket making

What: A rabbit skin blanket/robe was worn by the Kaibab Paiute to keep warm in the winter. It was also used to cover themselves for sleeping. To make a rabbit robe, first yucca rope and string needed to be made. Rabbit skins were then cut into strips. The strips were wrapped around the yucca rope. Once the wrapped rope was long enough, it was woven together to create the blanket/robe.

Who: The Kaibab Paiute Indians made these blanket/robes. The winters on the Arizona Strip can be very cold at time. They had to use what was available to keep them warm. The historic photo below show rabbit skin robes being worn during a circle dance.
Circle Dance

Did You Know?

James Whitmore, and the Pipe Spring Longhorns of today, Whit and Tess

James Whitmore brought 400 longhorns with him from Texas to Utah in the 1850s. On April 13, 1863, Whitmore received a land certificate for a 160-acre tract, which included Pipe Spring.