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    Pictured Rocks

    National Lakeshore Michigan

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  • Grand Sable Dunes temporary closure to all public entry for visitor safety

    Grand Sable Dunes are rapidly eroding into Sable Creek and Lake Superior. The area from the Ghost Forest Trail north to Lake Superior then along the shoreline to the west side of Sable Creek is temporarily closed. Follow closure signs for your safety. More »

Pets at Pictured Rocks

This toy poodle enjoys an afternoon at Miners Beach.

Webmaster's dog on leash at Miners Beach

NPS photo / Brenda St. Martin

"Woof, woof, bark!"
"Sniff, sniff, squat."
"Bark, sniff, woof!"


1. "YES!" in response to the question, "Are dogs allowed in the park?"
Pets are permitted along roads and in designated developed areas such as Munising Falls and Miners Castle. While they are allowed in the park, only certified help animals are allowed in park buildings.

2. "Please keep me safe!"
A reminder from your canine companion to keep it in control and on a leash at all times during your visit.
Pets must be on a 6-foot leash at all times, their owners must be holding the other end. It's for your pet's protection!

3. "I can't flush!"
Please be considerate of other visitors and clean up after your pet.

4. "Oooh! New people to meet!"
Your pet might want to meet others, but please remember that some people may be nervous around dogs.

Pets are permitted at drive-in campgrounds. Keep pet bowls in your vehicle when not in use, and clean up any spilled food. Pet food can attract bears and other wildlife into your camp.

Pets are not permitted in the park's hiking trails, backcountry and backcountry campgrounds, and in the forests and fields because they may become lost; be injured by porcupines or other wildlife; intimidate other visitors; harass, injure, or kill wildlife; or disturb other hikers and campers.

Though pets are permitted on personal or rental boats on Lake Superior, they are not permitted on lakeshore beaches in the backcountry. This includes - but is not limited to - Mosquito and Chapel Beaches.
Pogo the poodle on Hurricane River beach

Poodle standing watch on the beach

NPS photo / Brenda St. Martin

In brief, pets are permitted ONLY at these very specific locations.

Munising Falls
- parking and picnic areas, trail to the falls
Sand Point - parking and picnic areas, beaches and road
Miners Falls - parking and picnic areas
Miners Castle - parking and picnic areas and overlook
Miners Beach - parking and picnic areas, beach and trail to the beach
Little Beaver Lake Campground - campground only
Beaver Basin overlook - parking area and road
Twelvemile Beach Campground - campground, picnic area, and Lake Superior beach directly in front of campground
Hurricane River Campground - campground, picnic area, and
Lake Superior beach directly in front of campground
Log Slide - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Lake overlook - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Visitor Center - parking and picnic areas
Grand Sable Lake boat ramp - parking and picnic areas
Sable Falls - parking and picnic areas

If an area is not listed above, then pets are NOT permitted.

For more detailed information, please read the Pets at the Lakeshore site bulletin (pdf).

From National Parks Traveler
National Parks Going to the Dogs!

Bailey the Wonder Dog loves a good boat ride.  But she doesn't set foot on dry land in the PRNL backcountry.

Bailey the Wonder Dog

Photo courtesy Chris Case

Additional Information
Pet boarding - Puppy Paws in Wetmore, Michigan.
Phone 906-387-4035

Pet sitting - Hurricane River Pet Services in Au Train, Michigan.
Phone 906-203-0587

Did You Know?

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and the Hiawatha National Forest share a visitor center at 400 E. Munising Ave. in Munising, Michigan.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore shares a visitor center with the Hiawatha National Forest. The interagency visitor center was dedicated in 1988, and serves over 40,000 people annually. Other federal interagency visitor centers are located in Alaska, Utah, California, and Idaho. More...