A Place for Discovery

Did you know that Petrified Forest is more spectacular than ever? While the park has all the wonders known for a century, there are many new adventures and discoveries to share. There are backcountry hikes into areas never open before such as Red Basin and little known areas like the Martha's Butte. There are new exhibits to bring the stories to life. Come rediscover Petrified Forest!


Architect Richard Neutra at the Painted Desert Community Complex

Guided Programs, Activities, and Events

Join a special event or presentation at or about the fascinating Petrified Forest. Discover the deep past and explore the current environment.

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Agate House is only one of the park features we talk about online

Petrified Forest Online

Join the discussion through our social networks. Take a guess at trivia questions, post your own adventures or share photos. Join the party!

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Logs balance on stone pedestals at Jasper Forest

Off the Beaten Path

Take a walk on the wild side! Get off the paved paths and try out some of the park's backcountry routes.

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Through immersive photography, visitors can explore the park from afar

The Virtual Petrified Forest

Can’t come to the park? Visit the park through interactive immersive photography, photo galleries, and other multimedia.

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Did You Know?