Gateway to the Plains

In the midst of piñon, juniper, and ponderosa pine woodlands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains not far from Santa Fe, the remains of Indian pueblos stand as meaningful reminders of people who once prevailed here. Now a national historical park demonstrates to modern visitors the cultural exchange and geographic facets central to the rich history of the Pecos Valley.


People thrived here

Early Settlements in the Pecos Region

Remains of two pueblos extend for a quarter-mile along a ridge in a valley shared by the Glorieta Creek and the Pecos River.

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Through Glorieta Pass: Ancient Trails to I-25

Indigenous Americans, Spanish explorers, Civil War soldiers, early ranchers and Santa Fe Trail travelers all came through the Pecos valley.

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Spanish Encounters

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado pursued a vision quest in 1540 in New Mexico territory, but nearly 60 years passed before Spaniards came to stay.

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Kids at National Parks

Educational and Fun

Take hikes, have a picnic, earn a junior ranger badge or patch, collect trading cards--there's plenty for kids to do here at Pecos NHP!

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Collage of Trading Cards

Civil War to Civil Rights Trading Cards

Discover more than 500 stories about America's journey from the Civil War to civil rights. View online or visit the parks to collect your own sets.

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FLR tour

See the Forked Lightning Ranch

Call 505-757-7241 to take a tour of the ranch house (Sundays at 1:30) and learn about John Gaw Meem, Tex Austin, and Greer Garson Fogelson.

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Visitor Center Museum

The museum at the E.E. Fogelson Visitor Center covers wide-ranging park history, including Native American pottery and Civil War artifacts.

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fly fishing

Fly Fishing

Due to concerns about river ecology and visitor safety, the Superintendent has suspended the park's fishing program until further notice.

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Did You Know?