• Speleothems in Miller's Chapel.

    Oregon Caves

    National Monument Oregon

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  • Cave Tours Closed for Season

    Cave Tours are closed for the winter. Tours will resume April 26, 2014. All trails on the monument remain open.

  • Road Work

    Crews are removing brush along highway 46 beginning in the lower parking lot and moving down the highway. Work is scheduled to last until April 20, 2014; expect delays.

Winter Weather

Winter weather occurs throughout fall, winter, and spring at Oregon Caves!

Winter weather occurs throughout fall, winter, and spring at Oregon Caves!

Derek Marohn, NPS

Winter Weather Driving Advisory

If you are traveling to Oregon Caves during October through April, be aware of the snow hazards predicted. Visit NOAA for more information, and call or e-mail Oregon Caves regarding snow conditions. If you do drive up to the Monument, it is recommended that you carry chains or have traction tires. Be aware that tours are seasonal and are not offered from late fall to mid-spring. However, Oregon Caves National Monument is always open to visitors. Occasionally in winter, snow can temporarily close park roads until they are plowed.

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