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    Oregon Caves

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  • Cave Tours Closed for Season

    Cave Tours are closed for the winter. Tours will resume April 26, 2014. All trails on the monument remain open.

Haunted Candlelight Tour

Experience the Haunted Candlelight Tours!

Experience the Haunted Candlelight Tour!

Anita Varnon, NPS

Looking for a Halloween haunt? From October 24th through October 31st you'll get goose-bumps on the Haunted Candlelight tour of the caves as you hear spooky stories of local history; walk amongst the bats and spiders, and discover the lesser known tales of these dark catacombs.

Haunted Candlelight Tours Offered October 24th through October 31st, 2013.

The Haunted Candlelight tours will be given from October 24th to October 31st at 4:00 PM. Children must be over the age of twelve to participate, and those ages 16 and under unaccompanied by an adult must have a parental release form signed on site. The tour is moderately strenuous and not recommended if you have any issues with balancing while walking, respiratory problems, or heart conditions.

Be Aware of What Not to Bring

On this Haunted Candlelight tour, cameras will not be allowed for safety purposes. Also, please do not bring anything worn or used in a cave or mine east of the Rocky Mountains or a cave or mine in Europe. This measure is in place to prevent the spread of the fungus linked to white-nose syndrome, a fatal disease in bats.

Costumes are allowed provided fabric and makeup are not at risk of touching or coming off in the cave (no trailing fabric, fake tails, glitter, loose fringe, etc. - your tour guide will notify you if she has doubts).

Other Important Information

Minimal food service is available by the Natural History Association. The cost is $8.50 per person. Space is limited and not guaranteed. No reservations will be accepted. Please plan accordingly! Also, be aware of winter weather predicted. Tours may be canceled due to road conditions.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to see the haunted cave. Discover, explore, and experience your America!

Did You Know?

Horse riders rode about 12 miles to Cave Camp located next to the entrance of Oregon Caves.

Up until 1922 the only way to get to Oregon Caves was on a 12 mile trail from the town of Williams, Oregon. Once at Oregon Caves visitors explored the cave and spent the night at a camp outside the entrance to the cave.