Lake Angeles Trail



  • Permits are required for overnight camping. Obtain at Wilderness Information Center in Port Angeles.
  • Bear canisters are recommended for food storage because of the lack of good trees for hanging food.


Ecosystem Type: Montane forest, subalpine forest
Trail Tread Types: Maintained
General Elevation Trend: Moderate
Unique Features: Sub-alpine Lake Basin
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 3.5 miles to Lake Angeles 6.4 miles to Klahhane Ridge
Elevation Change: 1850 ft. to 4250 to 6000 ft.
Best Season: Early July through October (trail to Lake Angeles is generally melted out by June.
Stock: Open to stock - see regulations



Permits/Reservations: Obtain permits at the WIC in Port Angeles during business hours. No reservations for this area.
Food Storage Method: No bear wires - bear canisters recommended
Location and sites: numerous sites at the lake
Toilet Facilities: none - Bury human waste 6-8" and 200 ft from water sources and campsites.
Water Source: lake outlet stream
Stock: Allowed - day use only.


Special Concerns

Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace of your stay to protect vegetation and prevent further camping regulations. Camp in designated sites only in Grand Valley.
Campfires: No campfires in at Lake Angeles. To protect sensitive vegetation, campfires are not allowed above 3,500 feet.
Respect Wildlife: To protect bears and other wildlife, all food, garbage and scented items must be secured from all wildlife 24 hours a day.



  • In early season several steep snow slopes exist above Lake Angeles.
  • An ice ax may be required for much of the spring and early summer.
  • It may also be difficult to follow sections of trail due to snow.
  • Map and compass skills may also be required during much of the spring and early summer.
Lake Angeles from Klahhane Ridge

Lake Angeles from Klahhane Ridge

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