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Humes Ranch Loop Trail

Elwha River near Humes Ranch

Elwha River near Humes Ranch

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Trail Conditions
Special Concerns
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  • The Elwha River and its tributaries are closed to fishing.
  • Always check road conditions before your hike. The Whiskey Bend may be closed in winter or because of road damage.
  • Bears, cougars, and other wildlife frequent the Elwha. Practice proper food storage techniques.
  • Wilderness camping permits required for overnight hikes. Obtain at the Wilderness Information Center (WIC) in Port Angeles.


Ecosystem type: Lowland forest, lowland river valley
Trail tread types: Well-maintained
General elevation trend: Moderate
River crossings: None
Unique features: Historic homesteads and meadows; opportunities to view deer, elk and bear
Level of difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 2.5 miles to Humes Ranch
Elevation change: 102 feet elevation gain to Humes Ranch. 450 feet elevation gain on the way back. High point 1300 feet.
Best Season: All year



Permits/Reservations: Obtain permits at the WIC in Port Angeles. Reservations are not available.
Food Storage Method: Community bear wires are available near the large meadow below the Humes Cabin.
Campsites: Humes Ranch, Krause Bottom
Toilet Facilities: None, bury human waste 6-8 inches deep at least 200 feet from campsites and water sources. Pack out toilet paper.
Water Source: Elwha River and various side streams - Always boil, filter or chemically treat your drinking water to prevent getting Giardia.
Stock: Camp only in established sites. See Stock Use.


Special Concerns:

Leave No Trace: Leave No Trace of your stay to protect vegetation and prevent further camping regulations. Camp in established sites only. Please camp lightly to protect vegetation.
Campfires: Use preexisting fire rings and dead and down wood only.
Respect Wildlife: To protect bears and other wildlife,all food, garbage and scented items must be secured from all wildlife 24 hours a day.



Bears are common in this area during the spring and summer months. Keep a clean camp and always secure food.

Historic Humes Cabin
Historic Humes Cabin
Humes Ranch in winter
Humes Ranch in Winter
NPS Michael Strunk

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