• A hiker enjoys the view along the North Country Trail in New York.

    North Country

    National Scenic Trail MI,MN,ND,NY,OH,PA,WI

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The North Country National Scenic Trail is administered by the National Park Service in accordance with the National Trails System Act. The goal of the Park Service is to fully develop the North Country Trail as a premier hiking and backpacking trail which is nationally significant in its scenic and recreational qualities.

The National Park Service works with the North Country Trail Association and a number of affiliated trail organizations in order to fulfill this vision for the trail. These organizations include the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, the Buckeye Trail Association, the Superior Hiking Trail Association, the Minnesota Rovers Outing Club, and the Kekekabic Trail Club.

In addition the National Park Service acts in cooperation with other Federal, State, and local agencies, private organizations, and private landowners who host, develop, or maintain portions of the trail.

Did You Know?

Phot of volunteers building a hiking bridge on the Manistee National Forest

In 2012 volunteers contributed more then 70,000 hours to the construction and maintenance of the North Country National Scenic Trail.