• Aerial View of the Star Fort by William A. Bake

    Ninety Six

    National Historic Site South Carolina

General Nathanael Greene


Major General Nathanael Greene, Commander of the Southern Department, Continental Army

Robert Wilson oil painting, 1978

Patriot Commander

Born: July 27, 1742, Rhode Island

Died: June 19, 1786 Savannah, GA

Buried: Savannah, GA

October 17, 1780: Chosen by General George Washington to command the Southern Department.

December 3, 1780: Assumed command.

At Ninety Six:

May 22- June 19, 1781

Greene said, “Ninety Six must fall.”

● 38 years old

May 21-22: After conferring with Kosciuszko, Greene decided to set siege to the Loyalist held Star Fort. Greene commanded about 1,624 troops at Ninety Six.

June 3: Asked Loyalist commander John Harris Cruger to surrender. Cruger refused.

June 6: Learned that British reinforcements were headed for Ninety Six.

June 18: Directed assault on the Star Fort. Allowed the assault because his men wanted to at least try to take the Fort.

June 19: Prepared Patriot Army to withdraw from Ninety Six.

June 20: Left Ninety Six to the Loyalists.

Painting is a copy of a portrait of Greene that hangs in the Capital in Washington, DC.

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