General Nathanael Greene


Major General Nathanael Greene, Commander of the Southern Department, Continental Army

Robert Wilson oil painting, 1978

Patriot Commander

Born: July 27, 1742, Rhode Island

Died: June 19, 1786 Savannah, GA

Buried: Savannah, GA

October 17, 1780: Chosen by General George Washington to command the Southern Department.

December 3, 1780: Assumed command.

At Ninety Six:

May 22- June 19, 1781

Greene said, “Ninety Six must fall.”

● 38 years old

May 21-22: After conferring with Kosciuszko, Greene decided to set siege to the Loyalist held Star Fort. Greene commanded about 1,624 troops at Ninety Six.

June 3: Asked Loyalist commander John Harris Cruger to surrender. Cruger refused.

June 6: Learned that British reinforcements were headed for Ninety Six.

June 18: Directed assault on the Star Fort. Allowed the assault because his men wanted to at least try to take the Fort.

June 19: Prepared Patriot Army to withdraw from Ninety Six.

June 20: Left Ninety Six to the Loyalists.

Painting is a copy of a portrait of Greene that hangs in the Capital in Washington, DC.

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