• Aerial View of the Star Fort by William A. Bake

    Ninety Six

    National Historic Site South Carolina

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  • Kings Mountain National Military Park

    Loyalists/Tories in the American Revolution

    John Adams wrote that approximately one-third of the American population supported the move for independence (Patriots), one-third of the population supported the king (Loyalists), and one-third supported neither side (neutral).

  • Ninety Six National Historic Site

    A Siege Becomes a Battle

    This lesson uses multiple short excerpts that discuss the sequence of events leading to Greene’s attack and eventual repulse at the Star Fort. Students will use chronological thinking to construct a deeper understanding of the siege and attack on Star Fort.

  • Ninety Six National Historic Site

    Greene and the Decision to Lay Siege

    This lesson uses two excerpts that discuss the issues surrounding Greene and the decision to lay siege to Star Fort. Students will compare and contrast the two excerpts to develop and understanding of Greene’s decision.

  • Cowpens National Battlefield

    Cowpens ~ the Turning Point

    Discover how the Battle of Cowpens contributed to the demise of the Southern Campaign and meet the heroic leaders who faced Banastre Tarleton head on.

  • Cowpens National Battlefield

    This Land is Your Land

    This Land is Your Land is an interesting and aggressive lesson that incorporates research, hands on activities and on-site learning to illustrate and reinforce how the geographic features of Upstate South Carolina contributed to the Patriot strategy in their ultimate success at the Battle of Cowpens, 1781.

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