• The Niobrara National Scenic river comes alive with color in the fall.


    National Scenic River Nebraska


Dog in Canoe

A bulldog enjoys a float down the Niobrara River

NPS Photo

Pets (dogs) are allowed on the river. We advise that they not be leashed while within the boat in case you capsize. Dog PFD's (recommended) are available for purchase at various outdoor retail stores (none locally) or on-line.

Pets must be leashed at all times within Smith Falls State Park, at the Brewer Bridge Landing and on the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge. Dogs are allowed on the nature trails at Smith Falls and at Fort Niobrara. Please clean up after your pet if hiking on the nature trails. Pets are also allowed within the Fort Niobrara Wilderness, but must be leashed at all times to protect bison, elk, deer and refuge visitors.

Check with local river outfitters for their policy regarding pets in their private campgrounds.

Did You Know?

Paleontologist displays fossil rhino vertebra

The Niobrara River valley has several globally and nationally significant fossil mammal sites. Paleontologists have found mammals such as camels, horses, mastodons and rhinos. Click "More" to visit the Niobrara National Scenic River "Fossils" page. More...