Operating Hours & Seasons

The visitor center is located at 304 Washington Avenue in the 1939 Township Hall. It is free of charge. Open June 1st through September 1st - seven (7) days a week - all federal holidays during the summer months and is open September 1st through June 1st - six (6) days a week - closed on Sundays and all federal holidays during winter months. When the visitor center is open, our are are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.Center Standard Time CST.

There are rare occasions where we may be unexpectedly closed due to severe weather or limited staff. You may want to call ahead to confirm that we are open the day you plan to visit. Please phone 785-839-4233.

Frosted evergreens outside of our office.

Frosted evergreens outside of our office.

NPS photo by William Pope

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