• sun setting over the gorge

    New River Gorge

    National River West Virginia


rafters under the New River Gorge Bridge
Rafters approach the New River Gorge Bridge.
Gary Hartley

These Adobe Acrobat files explain the process now in place to request permits and Commercial Use Authorizations for activities and events within the park. It is recommended that you download and read the General Permit Information first.

General Permit Information (42.9 Kb Acrobat File)

Commercial Use Authorization Application (General) (17.2 Kb Acrobat File)

Commercial Use Authorization Application (climbing services) (49.5 Kb pdf)

Commercial Use Monthly Reporting Form (10.5 Kb Acrobat File)

Special Use Permit Application (23 Kb Acrobat File)

Climbing Guide Certification Guidelines and Group Size Info (34.8 Kb pdf)

Filming Permit Application (31.4 Kb Acrobat File)

Grandview Shelter Reservation Application (23.0 Kb Acrobat File)

GPS-Based Activities Permit Application (physical cache) (1.83 Mb pdf)

Establish New/Update Existing Climbing Route Permit Application (29.5 Kb pdf)

ROW Permit Application (70.4 Kb pdf)

First Amendment Designated Park Areas (994 Kb pdf)

Scientific Research Permit Application (Natural & Social Science Proposals) (25 kb pdf)

Scientific Research Study Proposal Outline

Scientific Research Example Study Proposal

Application for Special Use Permit Vehicle/Watercraft Use

For more information on park permits, contact
Permit Office: 304-465-6517 e-mail us
Park Headquarters: 304-465-0508

Did You Know?

AMTRAK train at Thurmond, WV

You can "catch a train" to visit the park! The AMTRAK Cardinal travels through New River Gorge on its route from New York, NY to Chicago, IL.