• Visitors from all over the world come to explore the tranquility, beauty, and nature sounds of Muir Woods National Monument.

    Muir Woods

    National Monument California

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  • All Trails at Muir Woods are Open. Middle Green Gulch Trail at Muir Beach access limited.

    Middle Green Gulch trail is accessible at all times from the farm, starting at the office end of the farm. Access to Middle Green Gulch is closed from the Kaasai direction during the week. All trails open after 4:30 M -- F, and all day Saturday/Sunday. More »

  • Ranger's Tips on How to Experience Muir Woods Safely and How to Find Parking

    Parking is limited. Often visitors find shoulder parking and walk on the narrow road to the Visitor Center. Read the ranger's tips on the Best Times to Visit Muir Woods. Take the Muir Woods Shuttle weekends & holidays through October. More »



Adult Coho Salmon

Salmon in Redwood Creek

At Muir Woods, we have two different species of salmon; the Coho or Silver salmon and the Steelhead salmon (formerly steelhead trout). The adults may be seen in the winter as they return home to Redwood Creek to spawn and give life to the next generation. The adult Coho Salmon can typically be seen in the creek December - January. The Steelhead follows soon after and can be seen late January - early March. Although the Coho begin and end their lives in Redwood Creek, the Steelhead battle their way up the creek, spawn and race back out to sea in hopes to return home the following year to Redwood Creek.

On occasion biologists can be seen hard at work conducting fish surveys in Redwood Creek to monitor three crucial periods in the life cycle of coho salmon: junvenille, smolt, and adult. Information will be collected both on a population and individual level in all three monitoring periods. To learn more, listen to the Pod Cast - download and listen to mp3 (4 min) – exploring science for bay area National Parks.

Still want to learn more? Find out about salmon research and populations in Redwood Creek and beyond.

Did You Know?

Entrance sign at Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods National Monument celebrated its 100th Anniversary on January 9, 2008. Muir Woods was the first National Monument created in an urban setting allowing people easy access. Today more than 800,000 people from all over the world come to visit each year. More...