• Mount Rushmore, Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln framed by ponderosa pine trees under a bright blue sky.

    Mount Rushmore

    National Memorial South Dakota


Pets are not permitted in any part of the memorial, except in the pet exercise areas located at each end of the upper level of the parking facility. The pet excercise areas are shown on this map (244 K PDF). Please pick up after your pet with bags that are provided in these areas.

If you need to leave your pet in your vehicle while you visit, please ask the parking attendants how to park on the lower levels of the parking structure, which are shaded all day. There is no shaded parking available for RV's or camper trailers. You may want to consider using a kennel service available in nearby communities.

Service dogs are permitted to to accompany visitors with disabilities in all areas open to the public at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Mount Rushmore is named after New York City attorney Charles E. Rushmore, who came to the Black Hills in 1884-85 to check legal titles on properties. On returning to Pine Camp he asked Bill Challis the name of this mountain. Bill replied, "Never had a name but from now on we'll call it Rushmore."