For Mobility Impairments (Wheelchairs)
Vehicles are able to unload mobility-impaired visitors in front of the main entryway and then park in the parking lot (fee area). Wheelchairs are available for loan at the Information Center on a first-come, first-served basis.

Amphitheater and Lincoln Borglum Visitor Center
Elevators are accessible from the Grand View Terrace to the museum lobby and Amphitheater.

Sculptor's Studio
Depending on security issues, the Sculptor's Studio is wheelchair accessible from the remote parking area. Check with the ranger in the Information Center.

The Presidential Trail is surfaced to accommodate wheelchairs from the Grand View Terrace to viewing areas at the base of the mountain.

Dining Facility and Gift Shop
The dining facility and gift shop are wheelchair accessible.

National Parks: Accessible to Everyone

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