• Montezuma Castle's prehistoric dwelling

    Montezuma Castle

    National Monument Arizona


Montezuma Castle National Monument supports a highly diverse flora. In spite of the small acreages of the Castle and Well units, together they support 379 species of plants. This is an impressive amount for a semiarid upland area with less than 12 inches of precipitation annually. These plants not only support an incredible natural ecosystem, but tell the story of a millennium of continued use by local cultures. We call that use ethnobotany; walk our trails and learn how the desert flora provides for our human needs.

We partner with the Southwest Environmental Information Network, or SEINet, to inventory the botanical resources of Montezuma Castle National Monument. For interactive lists of plants, with links to images, click: Montezuma Castle or Well Unit.

For a printable list of all the plants at the monument, click: Montezuma Castle or Well Unit.
For a brochure with information about selected plants in the Verde Valley, click below:

Did You Know?

1968 Divers at MOWE

Groups of divers have explored Montezuma Well nine times. This picture from 1968 shows one of the first expeditions. The divers found that the Well is 55ft deep with fissures for springs reaching 120 and 140ft deep.