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  • Five different park maps showing various NPS units with four closed and one open.

    This is a classroom based, free teacher led program. National Park Legacy Voyagers is designed for ninth through twelfth grade students so they can go on an exploration of National Park Sites and learn about National Parks. Lesson plans include reading, writing, community service, presenting activities. Activities focus on cultural and natural resources and reasons for national parks. Activities feature budgeting and planning activity.

    Lesson Plan
  • Educator's Guide Cover Page

    This curriculum is intended to provide assistance in preparing for a visit to Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well and/or Tuzigoot.  However, it can be used independently of field trips to the monuments.  All activities meet State of Arizona standards.

    It contains information on cultural and natural topics of the Verde Valley, classroom exercises, and suggested readings.  It provides ideas on incorporating our monuments, resources, and the prehistoric Sinagua Culture into your classroom!

    Grade level:
    Third Grade-Eighth Grade
    Agriculture, American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Art, Botany, Commerce and Industry, Community, Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Historic Preservation, History, Social Studies, Writing
  • Montezuma Castle National Monument

    Ladders for Success

    Ladders are how the Sinagua entered Montezuma Castle

    Survival of the Sinagua Culture depended on communities of people working together as a team to accomplish everyday tasks.  Your 4th graders will learn about the number of family members and community members it took to farm, get water, chop and deliver wood for the fire pits and other daily tasks.  They will discuss the labor intensive chore of making a ladder, and then make their own mini version to see how it was done.

    Lesson Plan
  • Different cultures surounding Tuzigoot had different resources found in their regions, not found in other areas.  In order to survive, everyone needed to trade products they produced to other Cultures who then traded for some of their products.  Food and clothing were big trade items... but macaw parrots and turquoise jewelry too!

    Lesson Plan