• An explosion of light as the sun strikes the waters of the Missouri National Recreational River


    National Recreational River SD,NE

Multimedia Presentations

Portion of the 39-mile reach of the

Looking upstream at the 39-mile reach of the MNRR.

Tom Patterson

Virtual Flyover
If you want an idea of what the Missouri River and the surrounding terrain between Sioux City, Iowa, and Fort Randall Dam look like, here is your opportunity.

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Recreational River Flyover [4.6 mb]. Requires QuickTime.

Living History Audio
Reenactors telll stories of life on the river and more. Click Here.

Did You Know?

Prairie Dog

Sergeant John Ordway--not Lewis, not Clark--gave the name "prairie dog" to the animal then new to science. Expedition members discovered it along what is now the 39-mile reach of Missouri National Recreational River. More...