Traveling Trunks

Photograph of some of the contents of the park's Traveling Trunk

Photographs, books, and videos are just a few of the items in the Traveling Trunk.

Our Traveling Trunk provides students with hands-on information about the life of Dr. King and the "Sweet Auburn" Community. The Trunk contains photos with captions of historic buildings, background information on the area, videos, speeches made by Dr. King, reading materials, and workbooks with classroom exercises.

The Trunk is available for a two week period. The school is responsible for the cost of returning the exhibit. For more information contact our education coordinator at:

National Park Service
Martin Luther King, Jr., NHS
Traveling Trunk Exhibit
450 Auburn Ave., NE
Atlanta, GA 30312-1525
phone: 404-331-6922 ext. 3606
E-mail: Travel Trunk Coordinator

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