• The Historic Entrance of Mammoth Cave

    Mammoth Cave

    National Park Kentucky

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Sometimes written words fail us when we try to describe the great Mammoth Cave. Sometimes the story is better told through pictures, or the sounds of a vanished age, or animation that makes simple a difficult idea. On these pages, we will be offering new sights and sounds of Mammoth Cave National Park.

But remember – as exciting as some of these pages may be, there's no substitute for being here. So explore these links and let yourself become inspired to make a greater exploration, in person, in the grand and gloomy chambers of the world's longest cave.

Did You Know?

Tuberculosis Hut in Mammoth Cave

In 1841, cave owner Dr. John Croghan believed the cave air might cure his patients suffering from tuberculosis. He brought 16 patients into Mammoth Cave that winter and housed them in stone and wood huts. After some perished, they left the cave, for of course the cave air offered no cure.