• Students at South Peak

    Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller

    National Historical Park Vermont

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On a sunny summer day, two tan Jersey cows munch on grass, while  others rest behind her. NPS Photo.

Jersey heifers at the Billings Farm & Museum

NPS Photo

Billings Farm & Museum

Learn about Vermont dairying - past and present - and the development of the Billings Farm & Museum, still one of the finest Jersey farms in America.

The symbol of the National Park Service, the brown chiseled arrowhead logo depicts a bison, an evergreen tree, a lake, and a snow-covered mountain peak.

National Park Service sites

Saint Gaudens National Historic Site - Cornish, NH (22 miles)

Appalachian National Scenic Trail


Did You Know?

Autumn leaves, lit by the sun, carpet an uphill stretch of a carriage road. NPS Photo.

45 miles of carriage roads, an early 20th century gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr., weave around the granite mountains and valleys of Acadia NP. 14 miles of carriage roads, built in the 1880s by Frederick Billings, traverse the gentle slopes and historic woodlands of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP.