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History - Walk Woodstock


Woodstock Trails Partnerships' History

WTP had its first meeting in the fall of 2004 and decided to organize around 5 goals:

· Create a Unified Trails Map:

o Walk Woodstock is in its 3rd edition

· Design and Install a Unified, Year-Round Signage System

o "Phase One" of the system is complete, including 135 signs, 96 sign posts and 4 trailhead kiosks providing directions and information for 30 miles of trail over 5 properties.

· Launch a Local Trail Corps

o Working with VT Youth Conservation Corps and the Woodstock Union High School, a year-round youth corps has been established.

o Additional youth crews have been awarded to the community and the National Park to carry out many trail maintenance and restoration projects.

· Re-Invigorate the Community's Connection to its Trails

o WTP has hosted major trail celebration events for the last 6 years - 3 years of Walk Woodstock and 3 years of Trek to Taste and 1 year of Peak to Peak - as well as other trail-related workshops and work days.

o In 2012, in partnership with the Ottauquechee Health Foundation, we launched a new event, "Peak to Peak", to celebrate healthy trails and healthy people.

o Two new trails have been created - the Spruce Path along Route 12 and the Stewardship Trail at the National Park.

o Numerous sources of funding and assistance have been sought after and directed to WTP projects.

o The Faulkner Trail Restoration effort was launched with a Plan. Volunteers and youth crews have worked for the last four years on the trail, with significant restoration beginning in 2012.

· Appalachian Trail Connector Project

o Several links have been identified and we're hoping to soon create an off-road connection between the AT and the village.

What's being worked on now?

· Planning for Trek to Taste "5"

o Saturday, June 1, 2013 -Mark your calendars!

· Historic Faulkner Trail Restoration

o Restoration Plan completed

o History of the Trail completed

o 5 weeks of VYCC crew work completed summer 2012

· Pathways for Youth - lots of summer kids!

o New year-round Trails Partnership Intern at the National Park

o Summer local VYCC crew

o Year-round High School crew

· And…?

o Woodstock's "Safe Routes Travel Plan" and its recommendation towards a "Walkable Woodstock"

o Safe Routes to schools and work

Did You Know?

Sunlight filters through white clouds and dark thunderheads to illuminate green-forested slopes and snow-covered mountains. NPS Photo.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP has nearly 400 paintings and prints, including Hudson River School landscapes of places that are now national parks. You can see paintings by Thomas Cole, David Johnson, and Albert Bierstadt of features from Yosemite, Golden Gate, and Grand Teton.