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    Marsh - Billings - Rockefeller

    National Historical Park Vermont


Snapping Turtle and 17 Painted Turtles

Snapping Turtle and 17 Painted Turtles resting on a log at the Pogue.

Ed Sharron

The Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP is home to only a few species of reptiles, including the snapping and painted turtle as well as the milk, garter, and redbelly snakes. Turtles can be found near ponds and streams; keep quiet as you walk around the Pogue, the park's 14-acre pond, and you might see some painted turtles sunning themselves on logs. Snakes are rarer sights but can be found near trails or in long grass. None of these snakes are venomous, but it is always a good idea to respect their space and view them from a safe distance.
Garter Snake
A garter snake takes in the last rays of “summer” on a warm November day.
K Jones

Did You Know?

View of Woodstock village from Mount Tom's South Peak; the village and person in foreground are framed by autumn foliage. NPS Photo.

Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP offers day hikers nearly 20 miles of carriage roads and trails. Located about a mile from the park, hikers can easily access one of the nation's premier foot trails, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, which extends over 2000 miles from Maine to Georgia.