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Ché Madyun and the Dudley Street Neighborhood

A colorful mural covers the side of a building on a city block.

Jeffrey P. Roberts

"We had the opportunity to sit together, and dream together, and come up with a shared vision of how we wanted to see this neighborhood develop and what we wanted it to look like. . . We've been able to keep that vision in the front of our minds and not let other little things deter us from that shared vision." Ché Madyun

Ché Madyun lives in the Dudley Street community, an area of about one and a half square miles along the Roxbury/Dorchester line in greater Boston. Ché served as the first Board President of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, a community-based nonprofit organization working with Dudley residents to create a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood. Projects include reclaiming environmentally damaged sites and revitalizing business and cultural life.

A smiling woman in a pink shirt and pink head covering sits on a concrete wall, decorated by colorful art.

Jeffrey P. Roberts

With the initiative, Ché and her neighbors are building an "urban village," realizing a vision for the future based on local empowerment, cooperation and hard work. Progress is visible throughout the community - 300 new units of affordable housing on formerly vacant lots, a town common serving as a gateway to the neighborhood, a mural celebrating the neighborhood's rich, ethnic diversity, and community gardens.

Did You Know?

Clouds stream over Inscription Rock, a large butte standing tall and proud in the New Mexican landscape. NPS Photo.

Conservationist George Perkins Marsh, for whom Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP is named, championed the creation of a US Army Camel Corps. On El Morro National Monument's Inscription Trail you can see the inscriptions the Camel Corps left behind in 1855.