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7th Grade Winter Visit

March 08, 2013 Posted by: Marissa Jager

On a rather warm Friday in February the entire 7th grade class took a field trip to visit the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park and the Billings Farm and Museum. The focus of the day was teamwork and problem solving. At the Billings Farm and Museum the students explored rural Vermont life in the 1800s, when daily chores were a full time job and included churning butter and blocking ice. The students also got to "jack jump" on jack jumper sleds. At the National Park the students learned about animal habitats and tracking, then looked for tracks and animal habitats on their own, identifying the tracks and imagining what the animals "story" might be. The 7th graders were then divided into small groups and used teamwork and collaboration to face problems one might face in a survival situation; building a shelter and a fire with limited supplies and limited time. All teams were successful at building a snow shelter and a small fire that could melt and boil snow. It was great to get outside with the students and watch how quickly they could come up with a plan. Sometimes all that is needed is a little direction and some supplies and the kids will figure the rest out on their own.

-Marissa Jager SCA Intern     

teambuilding, problem solving, rural life, Vermont, animal habitats, tracking, winter survival skills

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Did You Know?

Autumn leaves, lit by the sun, carpet an uphill stretch of a carriage road. NPS Photo.

45 miles of carriage roads, an early 20th century gift of John D. Rockefeller Jr., weave around the granite mountains and valleys of Acadia NP. 14 miles of carriage roads, built in the 1880s by Frederick Billings, traverse the gentle slopes and historic woodlands of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP.