• The Texas White House

    Lyndon B Johnson

    National Historical Park Texas

Places To Go

(l-r) Visitor Center, Boyhood Home, Johnson Cabin, Texas White House
Sights in the park include (l-r) the Visitor Center, President Johnson's Boyhood Home, Sam Johnson Sr.'s cabin, and the Texas White House.

In this presidential park, it is possible to trace the ancestry and heritage of our 36th President as well as his birth, childhood, political career, retirement, and death.

Time spent at the visitor center and each of the historic areas will offer you a different perspective of President Lyndon Johnson's life.

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Download a map for Johnson City or the LBJ Ranch.

Did You Know?

Junction School

During his administration, Lyndon Johnson signed more education bills into law than any other president. He signed the landmark Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 at his first school. Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park