• Autumn photo of Lake Clark and the Aleutian Range in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

    Lake Clark

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

More Readings From One Man's Wilderness: The Journals of Richard L. Proenneke, 1974-1980

"Dinner would be served about three thirty if the chicken was tender ...Mashed potatoes and brown gravy, noodles & dumplings. Sourdough biscuits and honey. Jello and hot chocolate later. By the time I had finished I was uncomfortable. My birds knew it was Christmas and came for many helpings of hotcake." - December 25, 1974

man sitting on a mountaintop, looking out at other snowy mountains

Richard Proenneke enjoying a mountaintop view.

Edited by John B. Branson
Historian, Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

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wooden round, cut from a tree, with a wooden spoon hanging from it and the words "Twin Lakes Champion Sourdough Biscuits and Beans" written on it

Table of Contents & Introduction
Chapter 1: 1974 Twin Lakes Background
Chapter 2: 1975 Flight & Tragedy
Chapter 3: 1976 A Close Call
Chapter 4: 1977 Rehab & Restoration
Chapter 5: 1978 Master and Ambassador of Twin Lakes
Chapter 6: 1979 Changes in the Air
Bibliography & Index

Did You Know?

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is part of the territory of the Mulchatna caribou herd.

Caribou often travel high into the mountains in the summer to rest on patches of remaining snow and ice, where they can escape clouds of biting insects.