The vegetation of the Monument is a mix of common plants adapted to generally dry, warm summers and cool winters, and special plants that take advantage of small areas with specific micro-climates...


Blooming from early spring to late fall, an amazing variety of wildflowers can be found in the Monument...

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Ferns grow in sheltered, shady, moist areas, often at cave entrances.

Thurber's needlegrass


Grass is the foundation of many plant communities...

Lichens on lava


Not really a plant, lichens are part algae, part fungus...


Mosses and Liverworts

Non-vascular plants are common in surprising places...

Fungus on decaying wood

Mushrooms and other Fungi

Not a plant, fungi are essential to how plants get nutrients from the soil...

Bitter cherry

Trees and Shrubs

Very different trees and shrubs live on this arid landscape...

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