• Centennial Monument

    Kings Mountain

    National Military Park South Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the hours of Operation?
A: Kings Mountain National Military Park is open daily from 9-5. All facilities including trails close at 5:00 PM.

Q: Is Camping Available at the Park?
A: Get more information on camping.

Q: Is Kings Mountain a Civil War battle?
A: No, the Battle of Kings Mountain was fought during the American Revolution.

Q: Are Golden Age & Golden Access Passes available?
A:Yes, both passes are available at the Visitor Center.

Q: Is food available on site?
A: No, food is not available at the park.

Q: Does the park hold battle reenactments?
A: No, the National Park Service does not allow battle reenactments.

Did You Know?

Map of Revolutionary War Battles shown with red dots

South Carolina had more Revolutionary War battles or skirmishes than any of the other colonies. Most of them were fought entirely between Americans.