• Large male brown bear at Brooks Falls


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Doing Business With The Park

The National Park Service authorizes commercial visitor services in Katmai National Park and Preserve under concessions contracts and commercial use authorizations. Park specific regulations and reporting requirements apply to all commercial operators. For more information, contact the Office of Concession Operations.

Commercial filming and photography may require a Special Use Permit and the payment of location fees.

KATM Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA) Holder - 2013 Review Material:

CUA Handbook 2013 Compendium

CUA Handbook 2013 Natural Resource Management

CUA Handbook 2013 Law Enforcement Information

CUA Handbook 2013 Contact Info and Stipulations


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Migratory birds begin returning from their wintering grounds in March. Along the Naknek River, thousands and thousands of waterfowl, like tundra swans, gather on pockets of open water as they wait for the region's wetlands to thaw.