• View of the Kalaupapa Peninsula


    National Historical Park Hawai'i

Enduring Spirit, Sacred Ground

When Hansen's disease (leprosy) was introduced to the Hawaiian Islands, King Kamehameha V banished all afflicted to the isolated Kalaupapa peninsula on the north shore of Molokai. 

Since 1866, more than 8000 people, mostly Hawaiians, have died at Kalaupapa. Once a prison, Kalaupapa is now refuge for the few remaining residents who are now cured, but were forced to live their lives in isolation.

Did You Know?

Old Stone Church/Ranger Station

The oldest building in the Kalaupapa Settlement is the Old Stone Church built in 1853. The thick masonry walls are made of lava rock with coral lime mortar. The structure is now being used as the National Park Service Ranger Station.