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Welcome to Kalaupapa National Historical Park's Social Media Page

The environment of technology and social media that exists today allows Kalaupapa National Historical Park to bring you its stories, news, and successes in exciting new ways. We now have a Facebook page that you're welcome to "Like" and share. We have a Twitter! account which we invite you to follow for up-to-the-minute news coming from Kalaupapa. For the in-depth stories regarding National Parks throughout the Pacific Islands, including Kalaupapa, visit the National Park Service's official blog. The park endeavors to provide these outlets rich and regular content. Social media at Kalaupapa NHP is only in its infancy, but over time we aspire to make it an integral part of how people can learn about this special place.


Did You Know?

St. Philomena Church

Father Damien and patient helpers enlarged St. Philomena Catholic Church, a tiny wooden structure built in 1872, by adding a nave in 1876. After the steeple collapsed in a wind storm, he began constructing the larger masonry and wood main nave in 1888, which is the church seen at Kalawao today.