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"To step into Isle Royale is to leave behind one's own self and one's world and to begin a new exploration into the nature of life".

-Napier Shelton, Superior Wilderness 1997

Exploration by canoe in the fog.

Exploration by canoe in the fog

National Park Service

Welcome to Isle Royale National Park, an opportunity for connection to the resource through adventure, discovery, and exploration.

An Isle Royale personal journey can only begin when one crosses a substantial portion of Lake Superior’s northwest section. Once there, one finds a living laboratory, a rugged northwoods wilderness, a road-less backcountry of wild creatures, second growth forests, refreshing lakes and rugged scenic shores. This Island gem houses the highest backcountry overnight use per acre of any national park and at the same time it is one of the least visited.

We hope your experience will be a memorable and rewarding exploration into the nature of life. An exploration that will foster a strong wilderness ethic, leading to the desire to promote stewardship. These personal connections will serve to preserve and protect Isle Royale National Park for future generations.

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