Goods & Services

Indiana Dunes is located in a highly developed area with goods and services available at several locations. Nearby large shopping areas can be found in Michigan City along Highways 421 and 20 and in Chesterton just south of I-94 on Indiana 49.

Gas Stations

Gas Stations are plentiful and are clustered near I-94 exits and along many of the highways. They can be found along U.S. 12 near Mount Baldy (east end of the park), Central Avenue Access Point (Pines), Dunewood Campground (Beverly Shores), Tolleston Dunes (Ogden Dunes), and Miller Woods (west end of the park).


There are several convenience and grocery stores in the area; Michigan City on Highway 421 (24 hours), Chesterton on Indiana 49 (2 - 24 hours), Portage off Willow Creek Road south of I-80, and Miller close to where Highways 12 & 20 intersection.

Supplies and Services

  • Basic camping supplies can be found at many local stores. Specialty stores can be found in Michigan City, Chesterton, and Portage.
  • RV sales and services are located in Michigan City and Portage. Several of the manufacturers have assembly and service facilities around the South Bend area that is one hour east of the park.
  • Propane tank exchanges can be found near most grocery stores and at some gas stations.

Did You Know?