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**Wabash Avenue/Porter Access Environmental Assessment


Format & Size

Last Updated
2012 IDNL Capstone Economic Impact Study pdf 2.56 mb 5/2012
Business Plan pdf 191k 2001
Deer Management Plan EIS 2012 pdf 9.76mb 4/2012
Fire Management Plan pdf 883k 7/2004
Fire Management Plan Appendices pdf 1221k 7/2004
General Management Plan pdf 5.91mb 1997
Shoreline Restoration and Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement Summer 2011 pdf 1,529k 7/2011
Strategic Plan 2008 pdf 941k 3/2000
Visitor Survey Card Data Report pdf 22k 09/2009
Report to the Community 2009 pdf 3.1mb 03/2009
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Visitor Study pdf 3.7mb 09/2010
Good Fellow Club Youth Camp EA (12-10-2010)
(Environmental Assessment Report)
pdf 11.46mb
Long-Range Interpretive Plan 2011 pdf 3.67mb 5/10/2011
National Park Service Fact Sheet on
Proposed Transfer of U.S. Highway 12
pdf 59.0kb 10/26/11
Environmental Committment Statement doc 108kb 10/17/14
2015INDU EMS Workbook-print xls 255kb 10/17/14

Current Projects:

Project Title Project Type NEPA Type
Great Lakes Invasive Plant Management Plan/Environmental Assessment Implementation Plan EA
Shoreline Restoration and Management Plan - Environmental Impact Statement Resource Management Plan EIS
Wabash Avenue/Porter Access Environmental Assessment Other EA
Cowles Bog Restoration EA Determination of Impairment Resource Management Plan EA
Cowles Bog Restoration EA FONSI Resource Management Plan EA
Cowles Bog Restoration EA Resource Management Plan EA
Chellberg Farm Request For Proposals
Shoreline Restoration and Managment Plan Resource Management Plan EIS

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