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Much of the past remains at Independence National Historical Park. You can stand in the shadow of Independence Hall or read the famous inscription on the Liberty Bell. But there is also much to discover that you cannot see or touch. The ideas of liberty and self government tested here still echo through our lives today.

Color photo of a male park ranger addressing a group of teens standing in front of the Liberty Bell.

Planning a visit to the Liberty Bell Center?  Get started with Basic Information.

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Basic Information

Start here to learn more about operating hours, directions, and tickets. Use the park's FREE mobile app whether planning in advance or navigating the park on the fly. Search "NPS Independence" in the App Store or on Google Play.

Color photo showing Independence Hall, a two story brick building with end chimneys, topped off with a bell tower and steeple.

Independence Hall is just one of many sites to see in the park.

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Places to Go

Experience history, science and art in just a few blocks. In the park for just a few hours? Check out the Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall. Visitors with more time to explore will discover gems like Congress Hall and the Franklin Court Printing Office. Begin your visit at the Independence Visitor Center.

Color photo showing a small child watching a male park ranger touch the brightly colored bowls of a glass armonica musical instrument.

Learn more about the glass armonica, a musical instrument invented by Benjamin Franklin. 

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Things to Do

Discover, wonder, explore...there is something for everyone at Independence National Historical Park. Perhaps you'd like to join a ranger-led tour, or participate in a special event.

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