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Canyon Country Outdoor Education lessons plans were developed in partnership with Arches and Canyonlands national parks.

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  • Five different park maps showing various NPS units with four closed and one open.

    This is a classroom based, free teacher led program. National Park Legacy Voyagers is designed for ninth through twelfth grade students so they can go on an exploration of National Park Sites and learn about National Parks. Lesson plans include reading, writing, community service, presenting activities. Activities focus on cultural and natural resources and reasons for national parks. Activities feature budgeting and planning activity.

    Lesson Plan
  • Students will participate in a virtual dig and use accompanying field notes and action photos to investigate their own online "hearth" site.

    Lesson Plan
  • Force, Motion, & Primitive Technologies

    Students explore different types of simple machines by examining ancient technologies. Students examine different types of levers using digging sticks and throwing atlatls. They discover how wheels and axles were used to make fire, and how rock wedges can become useful tools.

    Lesson Plan
  • Teachers' Guide cover

    Drafted by teachers who attended "Project Archeology" workshops, lessons include hands-on activities that students undertake either on a field trip to Aztec Ruins or in the classroom with replica artifacts. Produced through funds from a National Park Foundation grant, the guide has been distributed to all San Juan County area schools.

    Grade level:
    Fourth Grade-Seventh Grade
    American Indian History and Culture, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Architecture (Building Styles and Methods), Art, Astronomy, Environment, Geometry, Historic Preservation, History, Landscapes, Literature, Mathematics, Museum Studies, Poetry, Social Studies