• Springwood, The Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Home Of Franklin D Roosevelt

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  • We are experiencing High Levels of Visitation at the FDR Home

    Upon arrival to the Henry A. Wallace Visitor Center, visitors may purchase tickets for the next available tour, although available tours may be some hours after arrival time. Visitors may choose to reserve in advance at least one day before. More »


Commercial Use Authorizations

A permit is necessary to conduct business in a park area or to collect monies for any business conducted in a park area. This type of permit is known as a commercial use authorization, or CUA.

Allowable commercial activities or services are determined by park managers, who must consider several aspects of the use:

  • Is the use consistent with the site's purpose, mission and visitor service objectives?
  • Is the use necessary and appropriate for the public use and enjoyment of the site?
  • Must the use occur inside the site, or is there another place for it outside of park boundaries?
  • Will the use cause unacceptable impacts to the site?

Even with a CUA, commercial operations must either provide services that originate and terminate outside of the park area (all monies collected off-site), or provide services that take place solely within a site and have gross annual receipts of no more than $25,000. Adequate liability insurance is required, and a performance bond may also be required under certain circumstances.

Examples of appropriate uses requiring a CUA would be art class taking place in the park where a fee has been charged to the students, a hiking group whose participants have been rented equipment before being brought to the park, or a fitness instructor bringing clients to a site to exercise.

Commercial filming and photography are handled separately (link to Commercial Filming and Photography page).

Non-profit groups with no taxable income from the commercial use of the site do not require a CUA, but will need to obtain a special use permit (link to Special Event page). A letter from the applicant will be required, stating that there will be no taxable income derived from the use.

To find out if you should apply for a CUA, please call 1-845-486-1966 and speak to the Special Park Use Coordinator or call 1-845-229-9115 to speak to the Deputy Superintendent. All permits must be signed and all permit conditions agreed to by both the applicant and the superintendent before a permit is valid and use of the site is authorized. You may begin the application process by submitting a completed and signed application along with a check or money order for the $50.00 application cost recovery charge to the address on the application.



Did You Know?


In 1945, the "Big Three" Allied leaders Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met at Yalta in the Soviet Crimea to discuss strategy to end World War II. This became known as the Yalta Conference.