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    Hawai'i Volcanoes

    National Park Hawai'i

News 2003 Archive

Dec 03, 2003 Jim Martin Retires after 41 Years with the Park Service
Oct 23, 2003 United Nations Issues World Heritage Stamps
Sep 22, 2003 Share in the Vision of Kahuku
Sep 16, 2003 Entrance Fees Waived on Saturday, September 20, 2003
Sep 09, 2003 Tour Helicopter Lands Hard in the Park
Aug 18, 2003 Sulphur Bank Project Starting
Aug 14, 2003 New Pele Painting Selected for Kilauea Visitor Center
Aug 06, 2003 Senator Inouye to Speak at Founder's Day Event
Aug 01, 2003 Heads Up, Roof Under Repair
July 31, 2003 Pot Grower Reaps Jail Time
July 09, 2003 Car Burglar Caught in the Act
July 03, 2003 Kahuku Ranch to be Added to Hawai'i Volcanoes Nat'l Park
Jun 26, 2003 Identities Confirmed in Fatal Helicopter Crash
Jun 18, 2003 Missing Hiker Investigation Continues
Jun 17,2003 Park Personnel Resume Search for Missing Hiker
Jun 16, 2003 Helicopter Wreckage Moved from Lava's Path
Jun 15, 2003 Scenic Helicopter Crashes
Jun 12, 2003 Park Seeks Hawaiian Cultural Sculpture
May 31, 2003 Firefighters Work to Prevent Fire's Spread across Road
May 30, 2003 Firefighters Work to Prevent Fire's Spread
May 29, 2003 Firefighters Work to Prevent Spread into Species-rich Forest
May 28, 2003 Luhi Fire
May 06, 2003 Come to the Kilauea Cultural Festival
May 04, 2003 Spotlight Shines on After Dark in the Park
Apr 09, 2003 Park Seeks Painting of Pele
Mar 03, 2003 Sulphur Bank EA Available for Review
Feb 20, 2003 Trail to Lava Closed Friday
Feb 18, 2003 Firefighters Defend Coconut Grove
Feb 16, 2003 Road to Lava Reopens
Feb 13, 2003 Fingers of Lava Bury Road and Imperil Nene
Feb 10, 2003 Lava-Ignited Fires Flare
Jan 29, 2003 Firefighters Continue to Protect the Rain Forest
Jan 04, 2003 Free Open House of Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

Did You Know?

Lei made of `a`ali`i and native ferns.

`A`ali`i (Dodonaea viscosa) is an important shrub with many traditional Hawaiian uses. Its hard and durable wood makes a fine spear. Seed pods are fashioned into beautiful lei, while its red capsules can be boiled to make dye.