Laws & Policies

Emergencies - If you have an emergency while visiting the national seashore please call 911.


National Seashore Regulations:

1. Glass containers are not allowed on the barrier islands. All litter must be removed from the national seashore. Visitor should practice Leave No Trace and Pack It In, Pack It Out principles.

2. Visitors should obey the park speed limits.

3. Fireworks are not allowed within the boundaries.

4. As of February 22, 2010, a new federal law allows people who can legally possess firearms under applicable federal, state, and local laws, to legally possess firearms in Gulf Islands National Seashore.

It is the responsibility of visitors to understand and comply with all applicable state, local, and federal firearms laws before entering this park. Federal law also prohibits firearms in certain facilities in the park. "Federal Facilities" are defined as a "building or part thereof owned or leased by the Federal Government, where Federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties." this includes but is not limited to administrative buildings, visitor centers, and within walled forts including any open grounds within.

Federal Statue 18 USC section 930
Florida state statute section 790.25, & Fl. section 790.001(17)
Mississippi state statute section 97-37-1

The laws of the state of Mississippi , however, generally prohibit the possession of firearms within the Mississippi units of this park, except as allowed under specific National Park Service regulations. For those regulations, you may read Section 2.4 of Title 36 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or call or email this park.

5. Pets are not allowed on the Florida beaches, the Mississippi wilderness islands on Horn or Petit Bois or within the swimbeach at West Ship Island.

6. The use of Personal Watercraft (PWC) is based on location.

7. Fishing limits are based on state laws.

8. Metal detectors are not allowed and all historic objects and buildings are protected.

9. Plants and animals are protected within the national seashore.

10. Fires are allowed only in designated areas.

12. Drink responsibly and follow all state laws on alcohol consumption.

13. Observe closures. To help protect seagrass beds Spanish Cove and the unnamed cove near Langley and Red Fish Points on the northshore of Perdido Key are closed to combustion engines.

14. COMPENDIUM of designations, closures, permit requirements and other restrictions imposed under the discretionary authority by the Superintendent of Gulf Islands National Seashore. Addendum added on Use of Unmanned Aircraft

15. Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations.

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