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    Black and grizzly bears are roaming throughout the park--near roads, trails and in backcountry areas. Hikers and backcountry users are advised to travel in groups of three or more, make noise and carry bear spray. Visitors must stay 100 yards from bears. More »

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    The Moose-Wilson Road between the Death Canyon Road and the Murie Center Road is currently open to all traffic. The road may re-close at any time due to wildlife activity. For current road conditions call 307-739-3682. More »

The Most Spectacular Mountains – Countdown: 24 Days

August 01, 2012 Posted by: KG

Here in Grand Teton, we have coined the term "Mountains of the Imagination". The Teton Range is considered by many to be one of the most photogenic mountain ranges in the world. Lacking foothills, the largest peaks rise up over 6,000ft directly from the valley floor and from some angles even seem to be shooting up out of clear glacial lakes.

Cathedral Group from Jenny Lake, Photo Credit:NPS,Bowman
NPS Photo/Bowman

Many times visitors will ask those of us who have the honor of working here whether the view ever gets old. The answer is an unequivocal NO!

Mount Moran from Leigh Lake, Photo Credit:NPS,Bowman
NPS Photo/Bowman

Whether it's the light, the seasons, rain, sun, or snow, the Teton Range wears a new face every day. The view even changes as you drive from one end of the park to the other. Viewed from the north, south, or somewhere in between, different peaks come into view, the perspective of height changes, mountain features seem more or less prominent. Many successful photographers have dedicated a good portion of their careers to simply photographing the Teton Range and its many moods.

Schwabacher's Landing, Photo Credit:NPS,Smaldone
NPS Photo/Smaldone

The unobstructed views of the Teton Range were what inspired John D. Rockefeller Jr. to declare "The Teton Mountains are, to my way of thinking, quite the grandest and most spectacular mountains I have ever seen.. .When viewed over the vast expanse of sagebrush which covers the valley, or with Jackson Lake and the marshes in the foreground, they present a picture of ever-changing beauty which is to me beyond compare."

Oxbow Bend in Fall Colors, Photo Credit:NPS,Hattaway
NPS Photo/Hattaway

Are you inspired by the Tetons? Want to take an amazing photograph to show your friends and family? Stop by one of our visitor centers to get a complete list and orientation to the photo viewpoints throughout Grand Teton National Park.


Quote from: Fosdick, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., 316; From a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Osborn, August 13, 1953.

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