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  • Bears are active in Grand Teton

    Black and grizzly bears are roaming throughout the park--near roads, trails and in backcountry areas. Hikers and backcountry users are advised to travel in groups of three or more, make noise and carry bear spray. Visitors must stay 100 yards from bears. More »

  • Area closure in the area around Baxter's Pinnacle

    An area closure is in effect around Baxter's Pinnacle to protect nesting peregrine falcons. This closure precludes any climbs of Baxter's Pinnacle and usage of the walk-off gully. This closure will be in effect through 8-15-2013. More »

Happy Birthday John D. Rockefeller, Jr.! –Countdown: 23 Days

August 02, 2012 Posted by: KG

Okay, so August 2nd isn't actually John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s birthday, but he WAS born on a Thursday!

Junior, as he was affectionately known, was born on January 29th, 1874 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the fifth child and only son of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., America's first billionaire.

JDR, Jr. seen on right with three of his sisters, Photo Credit: Rockefeller Archive Center

If JDR Jr. will still alive, he would be 138 years old! In the 52 years since he passed (in 1960), the world has changed in many ways. Given his deep interest in conservation, public health, art, and world heritage, what are some modern causes that John D. Rockefeller, Jr. may have championed if he were still alive today?


Did You Know?

Pika with a mouth full of grass

Did you know that pikas harvest grasses so they can survive the long cold winter? These small members of the rabbit family do not hibernate, but instead store their harvest as “haystacks” under rocks in the alpine environment.